About Eddy


I was born in London and grew up suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks. When "Traditional" Psychotherapy didn't work for me - I, like many others, began to look for a different route to healing which led me to various Spiritual practices.

Ultimately, it was Shamanism that gave my second chance at life, and it was during this healing that I became passionate about bringing this way of life and healing to the mainstream - to Street level. I found it fascinating that, though I did not come from a Spiritual or Religious background, it was through rekindling my connection to the Earth and with Spirit, that I was able to finally ground myself enough so that the Anxiety transformed into Love. I had, as Martin Prechtel says, reignited my Indigenous Soul - which we all have - and settled peacefully into myself.

I began to train in Shamanic techniques with an amazing teacher from this Land and I began a podcast to showcase the voice of Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, Sound Healers, Free Thinkers and Positive Influencers as I feel they can bring so much benefit to our society. I also started the Street Spirituality Men's Group which focusses on finding how we as Men can embody the real Ancient aspects of Masculinity, Shadow and Light - which will run along side a Women's Group that shares the same values.

I'd like to welcome you all along for the journey.