What kind of issues can a Shamanic healing help me with?

The Shamanic belief is that all illness is psychosomatic. This means that in every case of dis-ease - the issue stems from an in balance between the body and the mind. All dis-ease carries an energy with it, and it is this energy that first emerges in the body. This energy can then begin to manifest in countless ways and becomes what we know as a medical condition. This can be both physical and emotional. It is the Shamanic belief, and mine, that any issue can be illuminated and healed with Shamanic practices.

What lineage are you from?

I am not from a direct lineage - as far as I know. Tragically, in the UK, 99% of our Spiritual traditions were actively wiped out by the powers that be in the last millennium. Along side many trainings in energy work, Yoga and Tantra, my Shamanic training has been with a 3 year apprenticeship under British Shaman Jez Hughes, who works directly with the land and its elemental representatives. My practice is local, and I work with the Spirits and Medicine Wheel of the land around me and my Ancestors. 

Are there Psychedelics involved?

No, all the trance work that I do is through singing and drumming and rattling - a technique called Sonic Driving. It is common for the person being healed to also enter a trance but this is not through any plants or chemicals.

Will I walk out of the session fully healed?

This can definitely happen, although I would always say that usually it is a combination of both the skill of Shamanic Practitioner and the will of the Client that will yield the best results. There are plenty of healers saying that they can 100% help you with your problems - this is always a lie. When working this way, as we are generally not brought up with the belief that Shamanism is a viable way of healing, we trip ourselves up with very linear and rational expectations. In short, our minds have a wonderful ability to begin to unravel the healing and take us back to where they feel comfortable. What happens after the session is 100% down to the client, therefore it is impossible for the healer to know they have fully healed you. What a Shaman can do is open a new door in your life, whether you walk through that door is completely up to you. Also, the healing does not just start and finish in the room. It can take months, even years to fully bind itself to you.

Healing is an ongoing process and commitment.

That being said, the healing power of Spirit is completely limitless, and many people report full healing within one session.