Shamanic Healing 

Since humans have roamed this planet, they have been engaging in ritual and ceremony to re-connect them with the Earth to create balance and ease within themselves. Try as we might, with our shiny toys and vast cities, we are fundamentally the same humans that we have always been. We have the same desires, the same close bonds with friends, family and lovers, and we all seek a connection to something greater then ourselves.

It is the Shamanic belief, that when this connection is weakened or severed, an imbalance is created within us, which creates a fertile landscape for physical and mental illness to develop.

We all have difficult lives, and we all experience suffering. Without proper ritual and ceremony in which to deliver these negative energies back to the Earth to be transmuted, they can become stuck within us and begin to harden - evolving into unyielding belief systems, patterns that we play out in our lives, sickness, depression and anxiety, or PTSD.

Within a Shamanic healing, a space can be created in which these stuck energies can be removed and the power of a person can be fully restored. It is once this happens that a window of opportunity can be opened, and that person can reclaim the beautiful, innocent and positive creature that they were born - that we are all born.

Once this happens, true and limitless healing can occur and people can once again rekindle the life of bliss that is their birthright.

These sessions last 2 hours.

Techniques Used

Spirit Extraction - Ancestral Healing & Psychopomp - Soul Retrieval 


Email to arrange a session.