The Mission

Our goal is to bring more people into awareness about living Spiritually. To us, there has for too long been a taboo and a specialness surrounding the idea of being Spiritual. But for the tribes that we take so much inspiration from on our Spiritual paths, living with spirit is anything but special. It is normalised to the degree that it is simply - life, and it is with this in mind that we can bring large scale mindfulness and spiritual living to our culture.

Our ethos is that you don’t need to become something - you simply need to remember what you are. Illness related to mental health issues is the biggest issue of our generation. Modern medicine works miracles every day - with surgery, diagnoses and with machines that literally give people a second chance at life - but we still haven’t solved the riddle of our minds and consciousness. This is where I wholeheartedly believe that we can learn from Shamanic cultures which have incredibly refined practices to target our souls directly.

It is once we get in contact with our souls that we can start to move past the illnesses of our minds. I know this because it happened to me. Growing up with chronic anxiety, panic attacks were normal for me and as I became more aware of these issues they crippled me. When traditional psychotherapy got to the point that it had tracked my issues to their potential roots, it was a case of deal with it or keep talking about it until it goes away - or take heavy doses of medication that would suppress my mind and weigh me down further with unknown side effects. This didn’t seem fair. I could feel the wounds inside of me and wanted them out.

It wasn’t until I saw a Shaman who literally took these feelings out of my body that I really believed that this was a viable option for anybody suffering with mental health issues. Not only are these types of issues healable - but with a spiritual view they are celebrated as gifts that with the right mindset, can be released from the mists of the mind and brought forth as energetic gold which will propel you into a life of bliss that is your birthright.