One to One

“Heartfelt thanks for today Eddy. Really, it’s been wonderful to have you take over. It was clearly what I needed as there is only so much one can do by oneself. You are sensitive yet grounded with a maturity beyond your years; a fine healer. I’m very grateful to have experienced your work. Thank you again, Sushma.”

Sushma Sagar - Reiki Master and Founder of The Calmery

“I recently had the pleasure of having a healing experience with Eddy. One of the things that I enjoyed most was Eddy’s ability to be incredibly attentive, empathetic and calming. Discussing ones personal issues is incredibly difficult, even to those whom you are close with. However, Eddy creates a peaceful non-judgemental space where you are free to open up and speak from your ultimate truth with no fear. The healing itself was a beautiful experience and I felt loved and in complete care. My personal experience was a sensation of happiness and even weeks on from the healing, I feel a sense of gratitude and new found energy which I use to grab life and make the most of it each day. I would completely recommend Eddy for a healing, as with every spiritual experience come with an open mind and open heart and let him guide you.”

Ruth Smith - Marketing Assistant

“An unassuming soul, that gives you the permission to feel light, and vibrate higher. A healing medicine man with the heart of nature, who created space and brought me a realisation. Thank you.”

Vas Louca - Yoga Teacher

“It’s hard for me to put Eddy’s healing into words because it was so profound ( I think that is the word to use!). But I will give it a go.....I went in, I suppose from a place of the victim and blame....and if I am honest, I suppose I wanted reassurance and for the pain to just be taken away.  What I received was the best gift of all....Eddy showed me, in the most beautiful and gentle way, my part in my life’s patterns; how I had come to them and how I was trapped in a loop.  For the first time I was able to see my whole life from...well I suppose it was like I was just watching what happening from an outsiders point of view...if that makes sense?!  He didn’t deliver this revelation with a wagging critical finger.  No, it was more like “Here Kerry, I am guiding you to see the reality.  Now you see it, you can resolve it, get out of that loop and move forward with your life.”  Eddy doesn’t tell you, he guides you and if you are ready to see the light then he will lead you out of the darkness...and it will lift your soul!  We then moved onto the healing which he is guided through by the spirits...I felt it, I felt energy released and for me another beautiful gift was given; my wound was my mother who died 24 years ago, who I was still angry with...Eddy released what needed to be released and mended the for the first time in 24 years I am able to think of her with love, kindness, fun and laughter.  What I respect about Eddy is that he doesn’t tell you to “come back next week!”...instead he empowers you with tools to go away with, so that you may continue the journey of healing...and a wonderful journey it is.  Men and women he is the real deal...go see him, you are worth it.”

Kerry Camden - Hypnotherapist and Transformational Therapist

Men’s Groups

“I highly recommend Street Spirituality’s Men Group monthly meetings! – It’s a safe space where likeminded souls take a break from the rat race and instead discuss important topics regarding life, spirituality, holistic health and the various issues that affect men in our modern world. It’s a supportive gathering of spiritual camaraderie where important life stories are freely shared and life lessons are learnt.

It’s a place to grow your consciousness alongside other holistic-minded men who are travelling a similar path of life but from many different directions spanning continents and ages. Eddy Elsey is a wonderful shamanic facilitator who holds the space very well and allows each person their moment to contribute without any pressure. We all gather simply to share, support and help each other navigate and discuss what it means to be a man in these modern times where our old traditional paradigms of masculinity is now becoming obsolete. Each person in turn learns a more conscious way to live life as a new man.”

Valentine Jones - Artist

“I was really happy to know that I was going to my first men’s circle with Eddy. I had never attended a men’s circle, but meeting Eddy before was reassuring. He facilitated very safe and warm space where I was able to release, relax and relate with other men. I didn’t know what to expect but I trusted the process. There were many similarities through each of the men’s shared experience which we could all relate and grow from. Eddy led a guided meditation where I experienced some deep insights that have shifted my perspective of masculinity in a very positive and peaceful way.  I truly recommend Eddy’s services and his men’s circles, he has genuine intentions to guide and help the positive evolution of masculinity.”

Dirish Shaktidas - Yoga and Meditation Teacher

“We were briefly introduced to the 4 archetypes of a man, the King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. The theme of the evening was “the King”, and had a brief discussion around what sorts of things we felt a kingly man evoked in us, and what our version of a “king” should look like. We were then led through a shamanic journey, instructed to imagine meeting with the king - or a representative of this king, whilst Eddy banged a drum. Even though I would consider myself to be reasonably open-minded and spiritual, I was surprised at just how far I ‘travelled’ during the exercise and the dialogue I was able to have with myself. It was a pretty powerful experience.

Thinking about it, in traditions of old the men used to hunt together, dine together, hang out together. And presumably, amongst all this, converse together. I was reminded of that as I was sat with a fellow group of men in a gently-lit room, in a scene which very much felt like a small tribe around a campfire.

Whatever the explanation, there’s something within me that has been stirred and left yearning for more. The sense of connection that came from sharing a space for co-created dialogue and reflection with a group of men seemingly curious about the sorts of questions I was.

I’ll be putting myself down for the circle next month, and I may even find myself attending another men’s group Eddy hosts elsewhere in London.”

Jasraj Hothi - Blogger and Community Builder