We’ve launched a Women’s Group to run alongside the Men’s Group, with the spirit of moving past the taboo of being Spiritually connected in Western Community. It will be facilitated by the amazing Ruth Garner.

The ethos is to explore the roots of Femininity.

What is it truly to be a woman in this society? How do you thrive and become the Goddess that is your Birthright? It’s a safe place to lean on each other, offer experiences or just sit and take it all in.

The only rule is acceptance.

Although Ruth will be facilitating the group, like the Men’s Group it will be group led with everybody given a platform.

There’s no pressure - everyone is welcome. Let’s normalise the idea of being a wild, powerful and vibrant woman in our culture.


Wednesday December 12th - 7-9pm


The Canvas Cafe

42 Hanbury Street

E1 5JL

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